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Ballanced Character Test got this

By: Neffertity

for my would be dragon caracter if i ever get around to it

*check the boxes with an [x] that partain to your character. and don't forget to BE HONEST!*
[]has control over an element
[x]can breathe a certain element(fire breath/ice/electricity/etc...)
[]can control/breathe ALL elements
[]has an object of power
[]uses ancient items
[x]is a leader
[x]was born with imense powers
[]has a hidden power that he/she doesn't know of yet
[]doesn't know his/her parents
[]lost one of his/her parents
[]can shoot lasers from their eyes
[x]have a state of immortality
[x]were murdered and have come back
[]can use a Bonkai
[]have bones sticking out of their body
[x]were in a horrific accident
[]shoot fire from their fingers
[]have a super-sonic roar
[]can create earthquakes
[]happen to be a black and red dragon
[]can use jutsu
[]fight with a sword
[]fight with a/two guns
[]are a ninja
[x]lost both of his/her parents
[]has an unusual eye color
[x]has another form
[x]has more than one other form
[x]can shapeshift
[]has a scar
[]doesn't bleed
[]can't be hurt
[x]has an evil side
[]can kill Gods
[x]goes to other dimensions
[x]has unusual colored blood
[x]is venomous
[]has solid colored eyes with a slit
[]has glowing eyes
[]has black eyes
[x]has no pupils
[]has two tails/four wings/two heads/etc
[]is a rare species
[]is the only one of their kind
[]can bring back the dead
[]is invincable
[]is immortal
[]is a god/goddess
[]has the power to corrupt others
[]uses magic
[]can posess others
[x]has the power to destory the world
[x]can unleash a devistating attack
[]wears jewelry or any other object to hold back their power
[]killed a friend/family member
[]is part of a prophecy
[]is "the chosen one"
[x]can travel through time
[]can stop time
[]has super speed
[x]eyes can change color
[]never bleeds
[]has toxic blood
[]has a royal/important family
[x]they can create force fields

Final score:
1-8 = poor, boring character
"You need to spice them up a little bit, give them some more interesting points"

9-25 = interesting/well balanced character
"Your character is well balanced and catches peoples attention. It would be possible for your character to exist in the real world"

26-37 = borderline character
"You need to dial down your character. You're hovering over the line, and you really don't want to go over. If you cross the line there is not way your character could exist..."

"Your character seriously needs to loose some powers... This is nothing more than an overly-powered character that cannot, and would not ever be able to exist. Dial down on the super-amazingness otherwise no one will like, or respect your character or you."
Keep these facts in mind whenever you make a character. Sure, you want to have some power, looks, and an interesting past... But be sure that you don't cross the line and make a fool of yourself by being this, "all-powerful, un-beatable god" of a character...

Too many people do this, even game creators have characters that cross the line.... Don't join them, be an honest character...

Pass this on to anyone you think should, or needs, to take this test.


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